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Grace Fieselman

International Dog Photography Awards

The International Dog Photography Awards® organizes an annual photography contest that seeks to showcase the most exceptional dog photographs from across the globe. Our mission is to offer great opportunities for recognition and exposure within the community for any professional or amateur photographer.

Our mission is to honor top dog photographers, discover new talents, and promote photography appreciation.

"It’s incredibly gratifying to have my work recognized on such a prestigious platform, and it only serves to further fuel my commitment to pushing the boundaries of dog photography."
- Mercury Megaloudis

Join the awards for a chance to win up to 2500€ cash prize.

Annual Book

We are thrilled to introduce the Inaugural Edition of the Dog Photography Awards Annual Book for the year 2023. This book stands as a tribute to the greatest dog photographs from every corner of the globe.

Dog Photography Awards winners receive cash prizes, custom trophies, and more.

Engaging in the competition will elevate your photography career and grant you the prestigious title of Dog Photographer of the Year.


€2,500+ in cash prizes.

Global Exposure

Receive international press exposure.

Annual Book Spotlight

Published in DPA's Annual Book.

Press Mentions

Find the latest press articles highlighting the winners of our previous editions.