International Dog Photography Awards

The first competition was held in 2021 and the founders of the project, Audrey Bellot and Claudio Piccoli, are themselves specialist dog photographers. It is the first photo contest dedicated solely to dog photography and includes cash prizes for their winners.

International dog photography awards is an annual competition dedicated to dog photography in all its forms and is open to professional, amateur and student photographers. We aim to promote and showcase the best dog photography created by talented photographers from all over the world.

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Dog Photographer of The Year 2023

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Take part in the 2023 edition of the International Dog Photography Awards for a chance to win up to €2.000 of cash prizes.

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2022 Winners

Find out more about the talented winners and their dog photography from the 2022 Dog Photography Awards.

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For this new edition, we have selected for our jury the best dog photographers with experience and an eye for detail.

The Dog Photography Awards in the Media

Check out some of the countless articles that have been published about the Dog Photography Awards and their winners.

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