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Lotte Van Alderen


The goal of dog portrait photography is to create a convincing image that reveals the dog’s personality and connection to its environment. The images may depict dogs in light motion or simply observing their surroundings. Images can be taken in a variety of settings, from rural landscapes to urban environments.


Dogs in action photography highlight the energy, athleticism, and movement of dogs. This category of photography can showcase dogs running, jumping, playing, swimming, or engaged in any other type of physical activity.


This category is specificaly designed for photographer who wants their studio work recognised. Entrants in this category showcase their ability to utilize lighting, composition, and creative direction to produce captivating and polished portraits of dogs.

Dogs & People

The purpose of dogs and people photography is to showcase the bond between dogs and their human, and to capture the unique moments of connection and emotion that exist between them. The images can range from candid shots to more posed and formal compositions.


This new category invites photographers to capture the untold stories, emotions, and raw authenticity of dogs. Documentary images focus on capturing authentic and unscripted moments that tell a story or provide insight into the lives of dogs. It includes:

  • Images that document the routine activities of dogs, whether it’s playing, resting or exploring.
  • Photographs that depict dogs in various roles, such as service dogs, therapy dogs, herding dogs.
  • Images that tell the story of rescued or rehabilitated dogs, capturing their journey and showcasing the impact of human intervention on their lives.