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Surreal Ballet Pose: Anna Averianova – Dog Photography Awards Studio Category Winner

In this interview, we shine the spotlight on Anna Averianova, the talented photographer behind the spellbinding image that won the Studio category of the Dog Photography Awards. Her portrait of a Pinscher striking a ballet pose in the studio was widely acclaimed, combining grace, elegance and charisma in one image. Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as Anna shares her inspiration, creative process and the genuine connection that fuels her passion for capturing the beauty of dogs.


My journey into dog photography began with a love for animals and a passion for capturing their unique personalities. It started as a childhood hobby, photographing family and friends’ pets, which quickly evolved into a professional pursuit. I realized how satisfying it was to freeze these fleeting moments of joy and self-expression in photography.

  • Your work « Ballerina » earned you the title of Dog Photographer of the Year. Can you share the story behind creating this image?

The inspiration for Ballerina came from observing the grace and agility of my friend’s standard pinscher, Fabi. I wanted to convey the elegance that is often overlooked in such an energetic breed. The tutu was made by Fabi’s owner and chosen to symbolize a combination of strength and poise, while the misty background was designed to highlight the dog’s surreal ballet pose, creating a scene that feels both ethereal and earthy.

  • Reflecting on this project, what stands out as your most unforgettable memory?

The most unforgettable memory was when a standard pinscher perfectly assumed the pose we had in mind, and everything from the lighting to the background fell into place. It was magical, a true testament to the connection and understanding between the Pinzer owner and me.

  • Throughout the process, what posed the greatest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge was keeping standard pinscher Fabi comfortable and happy in the studio. The balance between artistic vision and the welfare of the animal was paramount, and it required a lot of patience, treats and gentle guidance.

  • What does winning the award mean to you?

Receiving this award is incredibly valuable. It recognizes not only my technical skills as a photographer but also my ability to portray animals respectfully and creatively. This honor motivates me to continue pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in pet photography.

  • Lastly, can you give us a glimpse into any upcoming projects you’re currently working on?

I am currently exploring new locations in my area, meeting many new people and their pets. I frequently travel with my dogs, seeking out interesting natural landscapes. This trend aims to combine the beauty of the natural world with the candid moments of adventure we share with our four-legged companions. Additionally, I plan to expand my portfolio to include photography for brands in the pet industry. Currently, I devote a lot of time to advertising photography and videography for dog and cat products.

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